Mentalist Lior Suchard bends Harry Connick Jr.’s mind (On James Corden)

Lior Suchard describes a mentalist as someone who uses their five senses to create a sixth sense

Mentalist Lior Suchard bends Harry Connick

Mentalist Lior Suchard bends Harry Connick Jr. and Alice Eve’s minds on James Corden late night show. His mentalism performance freaks out Harry Connick Jr..

Jr.’s mind

Mentalist Lior Suchard bends Harry Connick Jr.'s mind on the James Corden Late Night Show. He guesses Harry Connick Jr.'s PIN Number on live TV. He also guesses a date that Harry was thinking of too. This blows Connick's mind. Lior Suchard shows how to use psychology and influence to demonstrate mentalism.

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In the video below James Corden welcomes famous mentalist Lior Suchard to demonstrate his mentalist abilities.

The video shows Lior Suchard guessing Harry Connick Jr's pin number and getting the audience to draw the same image.

In Lior Suchard's introduction, he explains how a mentalist is someone who uses their five senses to create a sixth sense.

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Lior Suchard uses his senses to read body language and he uses his understanding of psychology to influence his subjects and to create as he calls it 'interesting experiments'.

You witness Lior Suchard's use of influencing and mind reading in the above video, as he demonstrates mentalism at its best.

I don't understand, this is insane what's going on here. This is crazy man!

Harry Connick Jr. on James Corden Live Show

The mind reading part of Lior Suchard

Starting with a circle with the show guests and with the whole audience as a mind reading trick. He begins with Alice Eve and predicts what she draws. But of course he's not actually reading minds. He's using suggestion.

Lior Suchard manages to influence 200 people to do the same thing. This was done using subtle influencing.

What's great is how he explains how he did the mentalism trick and how he managed to influence the audience.

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Mentalist Lior Suchard bends Harry Connick Jr.’s mind (On James Corden)

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