How To Plant Ideas In Someone’s Mind (Effective Embedded Suggestion)

How to plant ideas in someone’s mind and make them think it was their idea using the NLP embedded suggestion technique

NLP embedded suggestion technique - How to plant ideas in someone's mind

Planting an idea in someones mind is easier than you think. But to learn the technique how to do it takes practice and skill to do. If you get this suggestion technique right, you’ll have your subjects believe your ‘planted idea‘ was their idea in the first place. This is achieved using the power of the NLP embedded suggestion technique. But actually, if you want your mind programmed for success for example, there’s no difference.

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How you plant an idea into someone’s mind is much easier than you might think. This can be done using the power of NLP embedded suggestion. Suggestions are embedded within a longer sentence that on the surface may be saying something quite different. The suggestions feed directly to a person’s subconscious mind. What’s even more fascinating about the concept of embedded suggestion is the person will think it was their idea in the first place. Properly prepared embedded suggestions work well as mentalism tricks.

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How to plant ideas in someone’s mind?

How to plant ideas in someone’s mind turns out to be easier than you might think. If you watch the video below with Derren Brown, he plants the idea that Simon Pegg wants a BMX bike as a present. If you’re learning to master mentalism, I suggest you consider incorporate this NLP technique into your performances.

It can have profound effects on people, as you’ll see from the Derren Brown video below.

If you want to learn the NLP embedded suggestion technique, i.e. ‘How to plant ideas in someone’s mind and make them think it was their idea,’ watch the video below.

To make it more fun for you, please watch it before you read any further. See whether you want the same gift as Simon Pegg. Once you’ve watched it, then read further and watch it again to learn how the embedded suggestion technique works to embed commands into the subconscious mind.

Derren Brown NLP embedded suggestion technique

NLP embedded suggestion to plant ideas into someone’s mind

Derren Brown uses NLP embedded suggestion to convince Simon Pegg he wants a BMX Bike.

When you watch it for the first time, watch it without thinking about what Derren Brown is suggesting or the technique he is using. After you’ve watched in once, watch it again. But on the second watch, listen carefully to the embedded suggestions he uses in his sentences.

To help you workout how he did it, he explains the whole routine afterwards. It’s strange how after you know which words are embedded suggestion, when you listen to it after you know, you can spot them very easily. You almost cannot see how you missed the obvious beforehand.

NLP embedded suggestion examples

If you take a look at the above image associated with this article, you’ll notice there are a number of embedded suggestion sentences. These have been taken from the Derren Brown video with Simon Pegg.

The ‘embedded words‘ are in some cases miss-pronounce words. In other words they are substituted words.

But the way they are said by Derren Brown and how they are included in the sentence, the substituted words are heard as what the word should be, rather than what they are. That is, the conscious mind quickly piecing the sentence together.

The conscious or thinking mind actually hears what it thinks is the right word. Your conscious mind will always make sense of what’s being said.

For example, try reading the two sentences below. You’ll see how in the first example some letters have been substituted with numbers. In the second example, the letters in some of words have been jumbled up.

But what you’ll find is your conscious mind will make sense of what it’s reading. In the first example it will ‘substitute’ the numbers with the correct letters. In the second example your conscious mind will correct the spelling.

Our conscious minds tend to make assumptions about the world

Our minds tend to make assumptions about the world - How to plant ideas in someone's mind

I’m hoping that you are able to read both of the above sentences in the image. For some this is extremely easy. Whilst for others, it takes a bit more getting used to.

The reason for showing you this example of how our minds tend to make assumptions about the world, is to demonstrate how the conscious mind pieces sentences together. The conscious mind will want to make sense of what it sees or hears.

This is why Simon Pegg consciously heard ‘buy‘ instead of ‘bike,‘ when Derren Brown was first planting the idea of buying a bike in his mind.

But what about the subconscious mind?

How to plant ideas in someone’s mind relies on suggestion to the subconscious mind using embedded commands

How to plant ideas in someone's mind relies on suggestion to the subconscious mind

In the example with Simon Pegg, whilst the conscious mind inserts the corrected word to make sense of the sentence Derren Brown is saying, the subconscious mind hears the actual word used. This is what’s referred to as an ‘embedded command.’

For example, Derren Brown says “Let me explain to you how I ‘Bike‘ gifts or presents for people.”

Of course in this embedded command example, Derren Brown has substituted the word ‘Buy‘ for ‘Bike.’ Once you know this, you’ll spot it every time.

However, if you’re finding it difficult to pick up the word ‘bike,’ click the small cog like icon to the bottom right of the YouTube video. Then select ‘speed’ and change this to 0.5 and re-watch the video. When the video is played at half-speed, you’ll be able to easily pickup the word ‘bike’ instead.

However, for the majority of people when they listen to it for the first time they hear ‘buy’ and not ‘bike.’ This example used by Derren Brown extends the embedded suggestion technique to an extreme. In most cases the phrase will normally include the correct words, but the embedded suggestion will have a different tonality in the ‘readers’ voice.

When the embedded suggestion doesn’t include substituted words like the above example, the technique relies on how the embedded part is said.

For example in a sales persuasion exercise, this is what the sales person might say:

“When will you have the information you need to go ahead with the order?”

In the above embedded suggestion, the words in italics indicate the suggestion to the subconscious. The words ‘go ahead with the order‘ would be said in a subtle ‘command tonality’ emphasis. This of course is suggesting to the subject that they go ahead with the order.

Make them think it was their idea

At the end of the section of the mentalism trick on Simon Pegg, you will see how he even thought it was his idea to want a BMX bike.

To emphasise the point, Derren Brown had Simon write down what he really wanted as a gift beforehand. What he wanted was written on a piece of paper and was placed in an envelope. Once Simon says to Derren Brown that he wants a BMX bike and the gift is revealed, he opens the envelope.

Simon was sure he’d written a BMX bike on the paper in the envelope. This is demonstrated by his surprise at finding a leather jacket written on the paper instead.

It also demonstrates how Derren Brown managed to make him think it was his idea. This NLP technique is a very powerful one to use in mentalism.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to plant ideas in someone’s mind…

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There will also be many more articles about mentalism for you to read and learn about this fantastic skill.

Have fun and enjoy your journey!

How To Plant Ideas In Someone’s Mind (Effective Embedded Suggestion)

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