7 Mentalism Card Tricks (Simple Card Tricks You Can Learn)

7 simple mentalism card tricks you can learn straight away

Mentalism card tricks

As you begin to master mentalism to become a mentalist, it’s a good idea to learn some simple mentalism card tricks at the same time.

Learn 7 cool mentalism card tricks with videos for each trick to show how they're done. Some of these tricks require special playing cards, like a deck of cards with pairs which are blank, Svengali cards and the Ultimate 3 Card Monte cards. Included in this article, there are various links to the recommended products on Amazon to make it easy for you to get started.

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Mentalism card tricks

I have put together a few mentalism card tricks you can learn.

They are all very easy to learn and as you master each one in preparation to perform it, this will help you to build up your confidence. But the best way to really learn and build that confidence is to start performing in front of strangers.

A major part of performing mentalism is about confidence. You will either be on stage or at the very least performing in front of a few people. Perhaps you might progress initially to performing your tricks and mentalism at weddings as a wedding mentalist.

Mentalism card trick #1 - Deck of cards given and controlled by your subject

The first simple card trick is one you can either perform over the telephone, or with your back turned. Or you could even do it blind-folded too.

This mentalism card trick is one where you don't even need to touch the deck.

This is a neat mentalism trick. Quick and simple to learn.

But practice the trick well before you test it out on an unknown audience.

You'll notice there is misdirection in this card trick. This is where you'll ask them to check if their card is sandwiched between two red cards. As you'll see from the demonstration, it actually doesn't matter whether it is or it isn't.

The reason for putting extra steps into tricks, or getting your subject to think about other things, is to misdirect them away from the obvious part of the trick. The more steps you put in the trick, the more likely they are going to forget the obvious. Which in this case is how you know the top card in the pack.

This trick relies on you knowing the top card, so that when they put their card on top of the deck, you know how to find it.

You know the top card, from when they dealt out the cards at the beginning of the trick.

Mentalism card trick #2 - Mental photography card trick

The mental photography card trick requires you to buy a special deck of cards to do it. For example you can pick this deck up at Amazon. Click this link to discover the latest prices of The mental photography card trick.

The mental photography card trick is one of the easiest card tricks to learn and perform. This mentalism card trick creates the illusion that the mentalist has a blank set of cards.

The simplicity of this trick is in the cards themselves. As each card is actually two cards stuck together through friction.

Each pair is made up of a card with a back with a blank face and a card with a face, but no back. These two cards stay together because they have a rough surface.

When the pairs are together, it creates the illusion that the cards are blank on the front and on the back.

You see how effective this simple card trick is to perform, and in the video it is performed by a young lad. With a bit of practice, you too could be impressing people with one of these special decks of cards.

Mentalism card trick #3 - Prediction card trick

In this mentalism card trick you are predicting the outcome. The trick is very simple to learn and perform too.

The secret behind this prediction style mentalism card trick is you have all the outcomes covered.

Whatever the person chooses from the three cards chosen from the deck, you have the answer. However, depending on which card is chosen, the answer is in a difference place, as shown by the trick.

To make this trick extra special, you could come up with ways in which the three cards are chosen from the pack in the first place.

Mentalism card trick #4 - 3 Cards used in an amazingly simple card trick

This card trick also requires special cards. You need to get a pack of normal playing cards, together with a pack of blank cards too. I suggest you use a brand like Bicycle, as they have the same design on the back. See below for some Amazon links to get these cards to do this trick.

Even though this trick is so simple, it does require loads of practice. For example learning to do a pinky, which is inserting your little or pinky finger in the deck to mark a split. You need to be able to catch a break, so that you can move the top two cards to the bottom, as if it were one card.

You also need to practice the double lift and a flustration count. See a flustration count in practice in the short video below:

This is such a neat trick with just three playing cards, but it does require plenty of practice to learn the many moves and slight of hand techniques.

To buy the cards for this, as noted above you need to buy two separate decks. You'll need one normal deck of playing cards and one blank set.

Click this link to check the latest price on Amazon for normal Bicycle Playing cards.

Click this link to check the latest price on Amazon of blank Bicycle Playing Cards.

Make sure that you buy packs with the same design and colour, otherwise this trick will not work.

Mentalism card trick #5 - 3 Card Monte; another amazingly simple card trick

There's more than one type of 3 card Monte trick, please see the ultimate 3 card Monte below.

This 3 card Monte trick is done using regular cards. It's very simple, but effective too.

You need to learn some slight of hand techniques for this trick. These include the double lift, which is when you lift-off two cards from the top, as if it's just one card. Done well, the subject or audience will never know.

The second move you need to learn is the top slide technique. This maneuver is where you trick the audience into thinking the top card is actually the bottom card.

These two simple but effect techniques will totally confuse your audience. Take time to learn and perfect them and you'll be able to use these techniques in other card tricks too.

Mentalism card trick #6 - Svengali Magic Cards

A Svengali pack of cards is a complete pack of normal playing cards combined with cards of the same type, but that are slightly smaller. See the video below which explains this.

There are many tricks you can do with a pack of Svengali magic cards. To buy a set of Bicycle Svengali cards on Amazon, click this link to find the latest price on Amazon.

Jim Scot's 'Ultimate Magic Kit' has instructions to show you card tricks you can play on people using Svengali cards. This 'magic-pack' comes with a Svengali deck too, click this link to find the latest prices on Amazon for Jim Scott's Ultimate Magic Set.

Mentalism card trick #7 - The Ultimate 3 Card Monte trick scam and the best mentalism card trick

For the ultimate 3 card Monte trick, you will need to buy special cards again. However, I guarantee you'll get your investment back over and again with this very clever trick.

Watch the video below and you'll see how this works. It's an amazing card trick and gets people really fooled.

If you want to learn the Ultimate 3 card Monte and buy the cards that go with the instructions, you can buy it on Amazon too.

Click this link to find the latest price on Amazon for the Ultimate 3 Card Monte trick.

This is my favourite of all these tricks, and in my opinion the best mentalism card trick of all. I saved the best till last.

Have fun with all these card tricks and please comment below to let me know your progress.

If you would like to learn how to do amazing mentalist tricks that will make your friend’s jaw drop, look at the Master Mentalism course.

Master Mentalism is an in-depth course that will show you the secrets behind most of the popular mentalist magic tricks there are.

In just a short time after learning from Master Mentalism you will know exactly how mentalists do what they do!

For a ridiculously small investment on your part you will be learning some fantastic mentalism and magic skills. These skills will not only make you the life of a party, but they will set you on your way to become the next famous mentalist!

I hope you enjoyed this article about mentalism card tricks…

I’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your journey to become a performing mentalist or magician (or both). Please comment below. Please also share your experiences, both good and bad.!

If this article hasn’t answered all of your questions. If you have more questions either about mentalism or magic, I will try to answer them (or specifically about mentalism card tricks), please comment below with your questions.

There will also be many more articles about mentalism for you to read and learn about this fantastic skill.

Have fun and enjoy your journey to become a mentalist!

7 Mentalism Card Tricks (Simple Card Tricks You Can Learn)

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