A how to mentalism course Sydney Australia (Where to learn mentalism)

How to find a mentalism course in Sydney Australia to become an entertainer down under

Mentalism course Sydney Australia Where to learn mentalism

There’s great excitement around Mentalism at the moment. There are new talents coming on the scene all of the time. So if you live in Australia and are looking to become a mentalist entertainer, there couldn’t be a better time to do it. This article is about a how to learn mentalism in Sydney.

If you want to become the next Phoenix who was spotted on Australia's Got Talent show. If you're looking to become a mentalism performer: You'll be much better off finding a mentalism course to speed up your learning. Mentalism courses in Sydney (or anywhere in Australia, like Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane for example) they are few an far between. So consider reading loads of mentalism books, read websites like this one and consider the Master Mentalism Course too.

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Who are the famous Australian mentalists to emulate?

One of the top Australian mentalists around today is Phoenix Montgomery. He appeared on the 2009 Australia's Got Talent show and performed the water tank illusion.

Phoenix managed to get to the semi final of Australia's no. 1 talent show and here's a clip (apologies for the low quality), this is more of a magic trick rather than mentalism though.

His "Psyche" mentalism show has be described "Phoenix Will Leave You Believing The Unbelievable!" – Adelaide Fringe Review. In this article the writer explains "Mentalists like Phoenix can either read minds or employ techniques that on some subconscious level make us think what they want us to think." Which sums up mentalism really.

Here's Phoenix appearing on Studio 10, Australia. Wait until the end of the video, as he reveals how he was able to paint the picture of the celebrity.

I'll leave it you you to work out how he guessed the name of her favourite childhood stuffed toy, her age and her occupation. If you can't, then perhaps going on a mentalism course may be the right way to go.

If you want to see one of his shows to get a feel for his style, he has performed in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane too.

How did Phoenix start out?

Phoenix is now well known for his performances on TV, as shown above on Studio 10 and The Morning Show. He has also performed and trained across other locations around the world, including Las Vegas.

Phoenix started learning his skills in illusion, mentalism and magic at age 8. He began with studies of psychological mind-reading.

Other Australian mentalists to emulate

There don't seem to be many other famous mentalists from Australia you can emulate, so you may need to look further afield like the UK and America.

But this shows there's a great opportunity in Australia for you. Looking at how Phoenix did on Australia's Got Talent, although he didn't win, to get to the semi finals shows how popular this type of entertainment is. But once you get good, the worlds your oyster anyway.

How to find a mentalism course in Sydney or across Australia

How to find a mentalism course in Sydney or across Australia

Now that you have a famous and well regarded Australian mentalist to emulate, I hope that makes you more determined to learn the art off mentalism.

As for mentalism courses in Australia, you may be struggling on the ground. However, with the benefit of the internet, it doesn't matter where in the world you are.

If you are a budding mentalist, or just starting to consider becoming a mentalist performer, I suggest reading mentalism books, reading loads of mentalism websites just like this one. But also take a look at some online mentalism courses too.

Teach yourself the tricks of mentalism, but never under estimate the power of performing in front of people.

Performing either magic or mentalism is all about confidence. The only way to build confidence is to perform.

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If you would like to learn how to do amazing mentalist tricks that will make your friend’s jaw drop, look at the Master Mentalism course.

Master Mentalism is an in-depth course that will show you the secrets behind most of the popular mentalist magic tricks there are.

In just a short time after learning from Master Mentalism you will know exactly how mentalists do what they do!

For a ridiculously small investment on your part you will be learning some fantastic mentalism and magic skills. These skills will not only make you the life of a party, but they will set you on your way to become the next famous mentalist!

I hope you enjoyed this article about mentalism course in Sydney and Australia…

I’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your journey to become a performing mentalist or magician (or both). Please comment below. Please also share your experiences, both good and bad!

If this article hasn’t answered all of your questions. If you have more questions either about mentalism or magic, I will try to answer them (or specifically about mentalism course in Sydney and Australia), please comment below with your questions.

There will also be many more articles about mentalism for you to read and learn about this fantastic skill.

Have fun and enjoy your journey into learning how to become a mentalist!

A how to mentalism course Sydney Australia (Where to learn mentalism)

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