How do magicians predict answers ahead of time? (10 simple steps revealed)

Mind reading tricks revealed – predicting your phone number

Magicians or mentalists are able to predict answers ahead of time. It would appear they can read your mind, but they’re not actually reading your mind at all. But instead they are using answer prediction tricks. Let’s take a look…

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How do magicians predict answers ahead of time in 15 seconds…

One trick used by magicians to predict answers ahead of time is to use a Swami pencil. Where a Swami pencil is a small pencil lead hidden underneath your thumb or fingernail. The trick is done by pretending to write down someones number using a normal pencil, whilst giving this person the impression you can read body language or their mind. But then you use the Swami pencil to write the number down when they reveal it to you at the point when they think you’ve already written it down beforehand.

Prediction magic tricks revealed – predicting a phone number

If you hadn’t already realised it before now, a mentalist’s or a magician’s job is to make you think they have supernatural powers, psychic powers or that they are clairvoyant. Their job is to mess with your mind!

But of course this isn’t the case, as not of these powers are actually real. But how is it possible to predict answers ahead of time? For example your phone number? Let’s take a look at a simple trick that demonstrates one method where this can be done.

How do magicians predict what you’re thinking – using street magic

In this example I’m going to assume we are using the answer predicting trick on someone on the street.

  1. To begin your answer predicting trick, walk up to your ‘victim’ and bet then $10 you can guess their phone number.
  2. Now begin to explain how you’ll be reading their mind and their body language, and at this stage create some excitement to your trick. Your choice is to use comedy or drama.
  3. Then take out piece of paper and a regular pencil and pretend to write down their phone number on the paper, whilst at the same time create the illusion you’re reading them.
  4. Put the pencil away and fold your piece of paper in two.
  5. It create more drama to add in extra lines, like “your number was so easy to get“; “it was so easy to read your body language…you gave everything away“; but close on something like “We both know your phone number now, and I’ve written it on this piece of paper…please tell me what your phone number is“.
  6. Mentalist secret revealed: As this person shares their phone number with you, you need to write it on the paper using a small piece of pencil lead (or a Swami pencil) hidden underneath your thumb or finger nail.
  7. It’s important at this point in the trick to maintain eye contact with your stooge. But also continue to talk to them with comments like “I wish all participants were as easy to predict as you were“; “How safe do you think your $10 is right now?”.
  8. Once you’ve carefully written the number on the paper using the Swami pencil, unfold it and hand it to the participant.
  9. This is the point the participant will be shocked that you were able to predict their number!
  10. Obviously don’t reveal to them how do predicted the answer, but you might want to suggest they keep their $10, commenting that they’d made it too easy for you.

How do magicians write predictions?

Predicting answers ahead of time using a Swami pencil you need to practice. It’s not easy to write your answer whilst at the same time not giving the trick away. So before you start performing this phone number revealing trick, consider the following:

  • Most importantly – practice, practice and practice again.
  • Make sure when you’re practising, this practice includes perfecting your writing so that it looks like you wrote the numbers normally. This is rather than looking like it’s been written using a small pencil hidden underneath your finger nail.
  • Practice and think about what you’re going to say. This includes at the start of doing the trick; at the point you’re supposedly reading their mind or body language; finally, what you say when you’re writing down their number.
  • Practice the trick on friends or relatives first, before you go out on the streets.

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How do magicians predict answers ahead of time? (10 simple steps revealed)

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