Mentalism tricks revealed

Mentalist Lior Suchard bends Harry Connick Jr.’s mind (On James Corden)

Mentalist Lior Suchard bends Harry Connick Jr.’s mind on the James Corden Late Night Show. He guesses Harry Connick Jr.’s PIN Number on live TV. He also guesses a date that Harry was thinking of too. This blows Connick’s mind. Lior Suchard shows how to use psychology and influence to demonstrate mentalism.

The Revelation Effect (How to do mind reading: Secret revealed)

The Revelation Effect is a powerful mind reading technique used by mentalists. You will learn how to read the mind of a complete stranger and guess the name they are thinking. In this secret revealing course you’ll learn the techniques and skills to be able to read anyone’s mind, anywhere and at any time.

7 Mentalism Card Tricks (Simple Card Tricks You Can Learn)

Learn 7 cool mentalism card tricks with videos for each trick to show how they’re done. Some of these tricks require special playing cards, like a deck of cards with pairs which are blank, Svengali cards and the Ultimate 3 Card Monte cards. Included in this article, there are various links to the recommended products on Amazon to make it easy for you to get started.

Mentalism Tricks Tutorial (Tricks To Blow The Mind Of Your Audience)

Mentalism performed well will leave your audience in wonder. They will either be completely flummoxed as to how you did it, or convinced you’re telepathic, clairvoyant or have some form of psychokinesis or extrasensory perception. Or they’ll think you can somehow control and read minds. But non of these will be true. Instead you will be able to perform pre-prepared mind reading techniques, number predictions, read nonverbal communication body language and use prediction magic tricks.

Easy Mentalism Tricks Revealed (Easily Learn Mentalism)

The theory behind mentalism tricks is easy to follow. Plus some of the mentalism tricks are easy to learn. But some take more practice and skill, where patience is key. After that it’s down to you to put your spin on the mentalism trick of your choice. The tricks themselves don’t take much time to do, it’s the showmanship that counts, which is probably 90% of the performance.

Mentalism Card Trick (Mentalism Secret Revealed)

To get the most out of the mentalism tricks I explain and reveal, you are better to spend time working out how the trick is done, before you read the answer. I suggest you watch the video a few times, stop it, rewind it and replay it until you’ve worked it out for yourself. Which in this case is how Derren Brown does his mentalism card trick.

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