Who is the best mind reader in India? (World best mentalist in India)

Who is the world’s best mentalist in India

When we ask the question “who is the best mind reader in India“, we are not actually saying mind reading is possible, because it’s not. So a better question is to ask “who is the mentalist in India who creates the best illusion of mind reading?”

Who is the best mind reader in India - World best mentalist in India

Who is the best mind reader in India is actually about who is the best mentalist to create the illusion of mind reading. Mind reading is achieved either by reading clues or body language from people. Or it's about planting ideas in people's minds in the first place to make it seem as through their mind has been read. The best mentalist in India to do this is Nipin Niravath.

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What is mind reading in mentalism?

Most accept that mind reading isn't possible. No matter how much training is done, no one person can read the mind of another human. But what mentalists do is to use their five senses in such a way to create the illusion of a sixth sense (i.e. mind reading) is happening.

For example, by truly understanding body language and by reading clues given off by another person can give an indication of what that person is thinking. But also by carefully listening to what they say and how they say it is also key to creating the illusion that mind reading is happening.

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With that said, who is the best mind reader in India?

Who is the best mind reader in India?

There aren't many famous mentalists in India for a start. But it's not just about fame that counts here. However, in order to become famous with anything in theory you first need to be good at what you do.

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Nipin Niravath is considered to be the greatest mentalist in India. In addition to being a mentalist, he's a famous mind reader, illusionist and a psychological entertainer too. In fact he's most known for his mind reading skills (or should I say his skills in using his five senses to create the illusion of mind reading).

One could therefore conclude that if Nipin Niravath is the best mentalist and a top mind reader, he must be the best mind reader in India too.

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There are other up and coming mentalists in India too. One such Indian mentalist mind reader is Sumit Kharbanda. Mr. Sumit Kharbanda is a Bharat Ratna Award Winner. He has also won a number of national as well as international awards for his excellence skills in mind reading and mentalism.

Sumit has also featured in the newspapers of Europe for his unmatched talent too. Very much like Nipin, Sumit Kharbanda not only entertains on stage, but is also a corporate entertainer too.

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Who is the best mind reader in India? (World best mentalist in India)

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