Mentalism books for beginners

Mentalism books for beginners (Can it be done from a book or PDF eBook)

Mentalism books for beginners include the very popular Bob Cassidy’s PDF ebooks and MP3’s. This includes the Fundamentals of Professional Mentalism and Artful Mentalism and Artful Mentalism: Three Secrets. You should read as much as you can and buy as many books as you can afford. You’ll learn at least something from each book you read.

Mentalism Books (What are the best books about mentalism to buy)

This article includes five mentalism books. Well actually not all five books are about mentalism as such. Two of the books are devoted to reading nonverbal communication and how to influencing how people perceive you. Both important skills for mentalism. The other three mentalism books cover various mentalism tricks and techniques. The most comprehensive is the ‘13 Steps to Mentalism‘ book, teaching 13 mentalism techniques to practice. But if cold reading is an important mentalism technique you want to learn ‘Tricks of the Mind‘ and ‘The James Bond Cold Reading‘ are key books to read.

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