Does Derren Brown have a degree? (Did he graduate from university?)

What did Derren Brown study at university?

You may be asking the question about whether Derren Brown has a degree, thinking you need one to become a mentalist. Or perhaps you’re simply curious about his background on his journey to become a famous mentalist like he is.

Does Derren Brown have a degree - Did he graduate from university

Derren Brown was born in Croydon and he studied law and German at Bristol University where he graduated. But whilst at the University of Bristol he concentrated on developing his skills at psychological magic. He used his skills in this to support himself through university by performing in cafes and bars. From his perfecting his mentalism skills, his first Channel 4 show Derren Brown: Mind Control was an instant hit in December 2000.

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What did Derren Brown study at university and did he get a degree?

Derren Brown's education started in private education at Whitgift School in Croydon. His father was a swimming coach at the school.

After leaving school, he went to the University of Bristol where he studied Law and German. But you may ask "did Derren Brown graduate?" Yes he did and it was after he graduated that he lived in Bristol to develop his mentalism and hypnosis skills.

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But it was whilst he was studying Law and German at Bristol University Derren, when he developed his skills in hypnosis and magic. In fact, whilst he concentrated on developing his skills in psychological magic, he was able to support himself by performing magic tricks in cafes and bars.

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Derren Brown is quite self-deprecating and describes himself as a "bit of a dick" on this own website. He puts it like this:

"He liked to wear a cloak and, with the luxury of hindsight, suspects he was a bit of a dick."

About Derren Brown

This interest was sparked in Derren Brown after he attended a hypnotist show by Martin S Taylor. It was this show which inspired him to turn to illusion and hypnosis as a career, rather than becoming a lawyer or following his German degree interest.

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Does Derren Brown have a degree? (Did he graduate from university?)

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