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I Want To Learn Mentalism & Study The Basics Of Mentalism Psychology

If you want to learn mentalism, one of the basics to study is mentalism psychology. To become a mentalist, you need to have the ability to use your five senses to create the illusion of a sixth sense. You need to hone your skill of reading body language, to create the illusion you can read minds. You need to learn how to influence people with hypnotism and embedded suggestion.

Impossible Mentalism Magic Trick (Even Penn & Teller Are Confused!)

A great show to have exposure as a magician or a mentalist is Penn & Teller’s Fool Us show. Two such mentalists/magicians Morgan & West got their exposure and won a trip to Las Vegas on the back of it. They quit their teaching day jobs and have become professional mentalists as a result.

Recommended Training To Master The Art Of Mentalism

Everyone learns differently. Personally, I prefer to listen to courses, either in person and live or by audio CD, or learning from online courses. For the majority of people, live courses or live recordings are probably the best way to learn mentalism too. It’s a faster way to learn by far and you’ll learn more. But books are a great resource too and provide another method to learn the art of mentalism. But reading mentalism books will also aid your learning and support your live, audio or online mentalism course.

Master Mentalism Course (I Want To Learn Mentalism)

Master mentalism course and learn mentalism Master mentalism and discover the simple secrets behind this amazing hobby or profession. Become the next Derren Brown, Criss Angel, David Blaine or David Copperfiled. Become the next mentalist stage performing star. This master mentalism course you learn the following skills and more…mentalism, mind reading, hypnotism, levitation, remote viewing […]

Mentalism Books (What are the best books about mentalism to buy)

This article includes five mentalism books. Well actually not all five books are about mentalism as such. Two of the books are devoted to reading nonverbal communication and how to influencing how people perceive you. Both important skills for mentalism. The other three mentalism books cover various mentalism tricks and techniques. The most comprehensive is the ‘13 Steps to Mentalism‘ book, teaching 13 mentalism techniques to practice. But if cold reading is an important mentalism technique you want to learn ‘Tricks of the Mind‘ and ‘The James Bond Cold Reading‘ are key books to read.

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